Help your customers set goals and track their financial progress.

  • Improve your customers’ financial futures
  • Collaborate & plan with your customers
  • Manage & track proposals, customer information & documentation in one place

Our story

A techie and finance nerd walk into a bar…

While discussing their industries, the techie complained about how pretentious, untrustworthy and jargon-filled the financial services industry is.

The finance nerd agreed. So, they decided to do something about it.

A simple idea.

They decided to fix financial services by making it trustworthy, approachable and transparent.

To design and build tools that help customers collaborate with only the best advisors, plan their futures and track their progress.

Making things simple is difficult!

It’s been humbling, but along the way they learnt that Simvida’s mission matters.

When people engage with their financial futures, they make better choices and achieve better outcomes. When advisors have great tools they excel at helping their customers achieve their goals.


It’s taken us a few years of building, testing and improving Simvida and it’s almost ready!

Whether you are an advisor wanting to help your customers achieve their financial goals, or you are a normal person wanting to work towards your exciting financial future, join us.

Our core team

Eugene Maree Peter Koen Fiona Butler